Kick off your child’s summer with some martial arts fun

Get 5 Weeks of Training, Plus Free Uniform and Shoes for Only $99!

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Hey Parents,

Kick off your child’s summer with some martial arts fun. Most parents search high and low for productive ways for their kids to spend the summer months. Our 5 week Introductory Course is sure to keep your child active and healthy this summer.

The 5 Week Program includes:

  • 2-45 minute Classes a week
  • 1 Free Private lesson with a Certified Black Belt Instructor
  • Weekly Character Development Lessons
  • Weekly Anti-Bullying and Child Safety Lessons
  • Free Uniform & Martial Arts Shoes

Our 5 Week Introductory Course works hand and hand with your family values, providing self-discipline, self-confidence, mental alertness and goal getting.

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Quest Martial Arts offers four free classes – that’s two weeks of martial arts instruction – for free! Contact us today to learn more.